We can work through all phases of production

Whether you’re just getting off the ground or looking to start shooting next week. Our production services team will work with you to make the best use of your budget and get the best content on screen. For more information, contact us today.

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If your feature needs a budget, The Squid Farm can help. We have extensive experience in developing budgets for projects from $500,000 – $50 million.

We will work with you to ensure you have an accurate, detailed budget, enabling you to maximize your “on-screen” dollars.


…and action! Before those words are every said, a schedule serves as the cornerstone for ensuring your project is managed efficiently and effectively.

The Squid Farm can build your schedule for you, and in the process, optimize your production budget while avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Pitch Decks

You have a great script, and now your prospective investor wants to see your creative vision. The Squid Farm can help with all aspects of your pitch deck — from strategy to design to content and everything that will help you relay your ideas and make the sale.

Signatory Services

Is your production looking to be signatory with the guilds and/or unions? If so, The Squid Farm can work with you to maneuver through the confusing rules and maze of paperwork that comes along with signing on with the WGA, SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE and others.

Financial Services

Half of show business is “business.” This is where The Squid Farm can provide a helping hand.

Whether it’s providing cash flow analysis, developing financial models or securing tax incentives, we can draw on our years of expertise and make the numbers as fun to look at as anything you’ll see on screen.

Production Rentals

When you’re ready to start filming, The Squid Farm offers rentals for everything including flats, props, lights, pop-ups, wardrobe and more.

We also have relationships with leading providers of trailers and production vehicles and will work to get you the best rates.